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    Can I control someone using vashikaran remedies?

    vashikaran remedies to control

    Captivate is an action by which you can control what you want. Love and love is something that makes a person restless. And he sees his lover or girlfriend day and night. Sometimes this love can also be one sided. About which many times the other side of the seeker does not even know anything. And one side agonizes over that love and love. If your love is true and you are your lover and girlfriend or parents or whomever you want to subdue, there are many ways of captivating them, as mentioned in the scriptures.

    So let us also know the important things about some easy and infallible tricks to get love problem solution.

    For this you need a black thread, seven cloves, a photo of what you want to tame, a black cloth and a little perfume and a proven yantra. First of all make a garland by tying seven cloves in black thread. Then soak this garland in the perfume. And then tie a clove and black thread garland around the photo. After this, lay a black cloth. And place a photo tied with a garland above the clothes. And keep the photo-proven device.

    Tie this stuff and keep it in a secret place. After taking this remedy you will see that that person will be under your control within 24 hours. And when you want to tame it, when it is under your control, then all of this stuff, including photos, should flow into the running water.

    Effective Vashikaran Remedy to control Someone

    Vashikaran with cloves is a vashikaran remedy with the help of which anyone can be subdued. We are not saying this, but in tantric activities, things like clove to vasikaran have been given priority. Some people consider vashikaran with cloves and some give it the name of superstition. For this purpose you can take help of the vashikaran astrology.

    Let’s know about clove captivating tricks. It is believed that you can subdue anyone with clove tricks, but it has been instructed about clove captivating tricks that you will do it only for some good purpose and will not misuse it.

    • First of all keep 3 cloves, one bowl of cotton wick with 1 bowl of desi ghee, matches, a glass of water and a box of vermilion. For this, Friday is the best day. Get up at 3 in the morning on this day. Take a bath and keep the above mentioned things
    • Now put 3 cloves in the vermilion box. Put cotton wool in ghee and burn it. Then take the cloves out of the vermilion box and dip it in a glass of water.
    • On the second Friday, recite the Vashikaran mantra 11 times in the Siddha clove and use that clove on the third Friday. Place the clove around the person who captures. Or give it to him in your meal. This will make him listen to you.

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