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    Know when the Panchak period is taking place in the month of June

    Panchak Kaal

    The Panchak period starts from 3.40 minutes after midnight of 10 June which will continue till 3.18 minutes after midnight of 15 June. As we know that in Hindu culture, there is a law to do every special work by observing Muhurta. The most important of this is considered ‘Panchak’. According to the texts, whenever work is started, Panchak is also considered along with auspicious time. The Panchak period is not considered auspicious. The work done at this time gives harmful results, hence the sum of this constellation is considered inauspicious.

    In astrology, the 5 nakshatras (Dhanishtna, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revathi) from Dhanishtha to Revathi are called Panchakas. During these 5 days of Panchak, special care is required, therefore, during Panchak, any risky work should be avoided. Also, during Panchak, one should avoid doing any auspicious work.

    In today’s article, we will tell you something special about Panchak.

    • In Panchak, you can do some auspicious work like – Uttarabhadrapada coming in Panchak makes Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga in association with Nakshatra Var, while Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada and Revathi Nakshatra and Dhanishta Yatra, business, Mundan, etc. are considered superior in auspicious works.
    • If it is necessary to put the roof of the house on these days, then first feed the laborer’s sweets, only then start the work of putting the roof.
    • There is a strong possibility of increasing mental distress in the Panchak of Revathi Nakshatra. You can get astrology for love vashikaran.
    • If due to some reason you have to travel south direction during Panchak then start the journey by offering 5 fruits in Hanuman temple.
    • The possibility of getting a disease in Panchak of Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra is quite high.
    • If it is necessary to collect fuel in Panchak, then burn the Panchmukhi lamp (made from flour, filled with oil) in Shivji’s temple, then buy fuel. Right now the time of lockdown is going on, in such a time, you can get auspicious results by burning Panchamukhi lamp in the house of worship.
    • In a kinship, when the dead body is burnt or someone has died suddenly in the house, then due to the quintet, make 5 different effigies at the time of combustion and burn them. After that do the cremation.
    • There is a possibility of a loss of money and suffering in Panchak of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. You can also consult specialist in black magic.
    • If the auspicious time of marriage has come in the house and there is a shortage of time, then it is necessary to buy wooden items, then Gayatri Havan can be done by purchasing wooden furniture, beds, and other items.
    • There is a possibility of discord in household or family people in Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

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